Thread Networks Announces FIBARO Distributorship

Thread Networks, Inc. is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Fibar USA, LLC (headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. and hereinafter referred to as “FIBARO”) to deliver FIBARO products to its customers across Colorado.

FIBARO designs, engineers, and manufactures both Z-Wave and Apple HomeKit® enabled devices. FIBARO’s Z-Wave system can be controlled from all popular device platforms from anywhere in the world. The system, using your choice of hundreds of Z-Wave actuators and sensors, allows users to create scenes, monitor and manage energy consumption, and the ability to integrate a growing list of third-party devices including cameras, media systems, and alarms.

Don’t Even Talk About Municipal Internet!

Incumbent internet provider Comcast has spent $200,000 opposing a ballot measure to simply consider implementing municipal broadband in Ft. Collins.  Given that Ft. Collins is just over 150,000 people, that’s a pretty impressive number just to try and shut down a conversation.

Voters will decide on the ballot initiative November 7th.

Source: Big Telecom Spent $200,000 to Try to Prevent a Colorado Town From Even Talking About a City-Run Internet – Motherboard